Feeling like a failure

Hi there, First time mom here to a beautiful baby girl born 6/22/24. I am feeling like such a failure right now. Between yesterday and today she’s been fighting sleep so hard, I feel like I can’t figure out how much she’s eating between breastfeeding and formula (currently supplementing since my supply isn’t huge), and I just feel like I’m not picking up on her cues. On top of that, I haven’t been able to do anything around the house - from cleaning to doing dishes. Even though my husband is helping, I feel bad as he’s back at work and dealing with that stress as well. Idk, I feel like I’ve just cried so much today and can’t do anything right.
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Absolutely not mama, you are not a failure! It's incredible how many moms feel like this, including me!! You are taking care of a tiny human who literally can't live without you right now! I promise, it will get easier. Don't worry about the house chores right now, just do them if and when you can. Your baby needs you and that's okay! 💜 I went through the same thing. Mine was born 6/2 😊 If you need to chat, feel free to reach out. I'm here!

Awww love, our babies are basically twins 😌 dob 6/21. But you will learn babies cues soon. My little the past few days don’t like to be put down, she will scream like all hell is loose if you out her down for two seconds. And what an older mom told me is, this stage won’t last long, so do what you have to for today and tomorrow will work it self out. So I’ll say to same to you. For me I had to supplement with formula the first day home from the hospital- I was so stressed my milk like stalled. That day she drank formula, I pumped and stored in a pitcher. The next day she drank from there while I pumped for the next day. So the anxiety I had about not knowing how much she drank is gone now cuz she is being bottle fed. Staying strict especially at the beginning to a pumping schedule helped me. And you can use, mothers milk tea bags, drink Vita-Malt drinks and incorporate oats into your diet anyhow you can- oats milk help. These tips helped me tremendously now I’m kinda overproducing. 🫂

You are doing everything you should be, and sometimes it is just difficult to get through, but I know you will, even the most difficult days in your life are only 24 hours long. Time moves fast and you will get to easier times again sooner or later just hang in there ❤️ if you want someone to talk to who will listen feel free to message

Buying a scale to measure baby has helped us to figure out how much he was getting during breastfeeding. We are also supplementing and were told to pump with every bottle to increase my supply.

Your post popped up in my feed and I just wanted to comment that you're doing a great job! My little one is 6mos now but I remember feeling exactly like you. I also had to start supplementing with formula at 4wks to help with her weight gain (and still combo feed because she eats more than I can produce). I'd suggest you see a lactation consultant if you can because the weighted feed is extremely helpful and alleviates some of that stress surrounding feedings. Plus they can tailor a plan for you that will help strengthen your supply. Try to focus on healing yourself and nurturing your baby right now as the house work can wait. The 4th trimester is tough, but you're tougher! It does get better, I promise. Hang in there.

My baby was born on the 6/22 too! I feel the same way!! I think part of that feeling is that we are coming down from the pregnancy hormones. I have been crying a lot these past weeks too. So I initially was doing breast and formula. I couple of tips I got from my doulas was: 1. Let her eat from your breast first then supplement with formula if she still wants to eat. She will smack her lips or suck her hand when she is hungry While breast feeding she will unlatch from your boobs when she’s done. According to her you can’t overfeed breast milk to a baby. 2. Try to make sure your baby is actively eating when she’s on your breast. Time it, usually takes 15 min each breast . ( my baby likes to hang on my breast for at least 1h which I let her because I’m her human pacifier and as long as you’re not hurting that’s fine too) 3. Try eating well and drinking tons of water and electrolytes. ( oats, eggs, Gatorade, coconut water ) 4. Get her to sleep right after she eat so she won’t fight

Hope those tips help if you want to talk just message me 😊

Don't worry mamas you'll get thru it. Its a learning process the entire way the books help but every baby is different

Thank you all for your support and guidance, it truly helps put this tired momma’s mind at ease and relieves the guilt/frustration I’ve been feeling at myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but as someone who’s always been hard on herself, it’s difficult to let go of that sometimes. Little bean slept better last night, and my husband and I decided to up her night time bottles to 3oz, which seems to be what she wants now, and it’s helped her fall asleep easier. I try to breastfeed more during the day + pump, bc I’m scared of dozing off while breastfeeding at night. Thank you again ❤️

Nursing and holding your baby is enough. Hire someone to clean your house for you or have your husband or a family member do it. Your focus should be healing and bonding with your baby. Don’t worry about “being productive”. Contact naps are productive.

You are doing amazing! First few weeks were the hardest, beyond words. Sending you love ❤️

Girl you are doing awesome!!! If it helps u can pump into a bottle so u can see how much there eating my lil one is 3 weeks and eats a full 3 oz bottle every 2-3 hours and don't worry about the house its gonna get a mess I got a 2 year old an a 3 week old and honestly lately I don't clean until after I lay my 2 year old down for bed and when I lay the lil one down to and even then I do basic cleaning like dish put food away sweep dont rush your doing your best and that's all that matters best ♥️♥️

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