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Has anyone gotten induced doing a vbac?
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Yes I just had my vbac April 14 via induction. My emergency csection was 2 years ago July10,2022 Thursday April 11th Membrane sweep done at 1cm Friday April 12th Mucus plug came out Sunday April 14th 5am arrived at hospital 6am checked into triage, monitored, pelvic check, 1cm 50% effaced -3 station 7:45am water broke 8am L&D Room 9am IVs placed + antibiotics 9:35am pitocin started (small dose: 1) 10:15am balloon is in 10:30am My OB came in to see me, she’s not in today but came to check in on us 11:42am so much pain (went from a 5 to an 8 out of 10 really quick), epidural request 12:30pm Epidural, took some time to work 1:16pm catheter in + balloon came out 5.5cm ——— constantly changing positions——- 9pm pushing sensation, 9cm 100% effaced, -1 station, (pitocin max 18, they started to lower the dose) 10:20pm got checked 10cm 100% effaced 10:30pm pushed 3x under 8min baby was out, 2nd degree tear

@Akemy congratulations momma! I had a c section October 9, 2022. My induction is scheduled for next Thursday via vbac! I’m scared, nervous, and anxious not trying to think too much just keep positive thoughts and energy

@Dejah it was honestly an amazing experience, I’m sure you’ll have a great experience too. My mindset was strictly “God is with me” My biggest fear was a uterine rupture causing death on my baby or me. But I walked in that day with a positive mindset and I reminded myself if I have to have another csection so be it, as long as my baby and I were safe my form of delivery didn’t matter. Best of luck and wishes on your VBAC! You can do this mama ❤️✨

@Akemy I really love your positivity Akemy!! Thank you so much!

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