Sharp pain

30w3d & tonight I experienced twice a super heavy and sharp feeling of pressure near my vagina area. I had to lean over it hurt so bad. It happened twice within 10 minutes. Would this be considered ligament pain???
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I experienced this a week ago I was in so much pain I couldn’t barely walk. So much is changing during this time it’s so much extra pressure down there

I call it Lightning Crotch 😂😂 but seriously, it happens whenever my baby kicks my cervix from the inside. My doctor said as long as there is no excessive fluid or bright red blood, baby is ok. But it definitely hurts!!

whew! lighting crotch! it's when baby puts pressure against the cervix. very normal. though, if they jump against your cervix, it feels like you're being stabbed in the vagina so good luck 😭

32 weeks and baby it just gets worse it's hard to walk now!! Lightning crotch like what everyone else is saying

I think that’s typical lighting crotch 😬 it sucks! I just started having it at 30 weeks.

@Victoria I feel like my baby kicks the top of my uterus and torpedoes his head down into my cervix 😂😂😳😳

@Nicole I’ve been saying he’s been practicing kickboxing but that actually seems more accurate…

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