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How early is too early to start packing your bags I have a ton of stuff that were bought for the bag itself and not being used till then this is gonna be my second c section and I’m nesting super bad and just wanna put everything hospital on it’s bag so it’s out of the way and in it’s permanent place. I’m 22 weeks 😂😂
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Lol I say it’s never too early 😅 I’m 20 weeks and I’m in the same boat ready to pack

I also say never too early. But I'll warn our first time, I packed it like 31 weeks, and by 41 weeks (labor) I'd forgotten where I'd put her "going home outfit." It was in some side pocket. So she didn't wear her going home outfit till like 2 weeks later when I found it. 😆

@Samantha 😂😂😂 I think it’s throw things in the bags and once it gets closer I’ll organize everything

I pack around 32-34 weeks. I have a history of going early but I hate clutter 🤣 we are also going to be moving before baby gets here so I may pack that bag and just leave it in the car when we move.

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