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I have a 3 month old. He takes about 5oz every few hours or so. I pump and put him on the breast. My question is will I ever have to make more milk than I already make? I get about 4-5oz from each breast during a pump session (about twice a day). The rest of the time I breast feed. Will he ever take more than 5oz ? I ask because he will start eating food at around 6 months. Will he still need the same amount of milk? How many bottles/boob does baby get once he starts eating? How does that work? I’m curious because I want to breast feed/pump up to a year and I love being able to feed my son but this is a lot of work. Does it get less??? How many bottles/boob a day does baby get after 6months?! Is breast milk still the main source?
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I believe they drink up to six ounces but the bottle amount goes down around six months when they start solids

My son drank at most 9 oz each feed. It increased up until 6 months and then decreased again to 5-6 oz each feed in addition to food being introduced

I think it depends on the baby. Some kiddos stay at lower amounts (5-6 oz) more frequently while other babies go upwards of 8-9 oz leas frequently. My daughter has always been a champion solids eater and for the last couple months shes only wanted 6oz every 6 hours (3 times a day) But very recently she will only do about 3-4oz during the feed time and then kinda sip on it for the next hour or so as if it were water rather than breast milk 😅 But she's still eating her solids like she has been. Babies wean themselves the closer to a year you get. Some babies still like to take to the breast for comfort though. I'm not sure how to navigate that though since I exclusively pump.

Yeah, at 6 month milk is still their primary form of nutrition and it gradually shifts. Mine would do 6-8 ounces of milk but spaced out more. Some babies switch up to solids more enthusiastically too. Mine wasn't super crazy about solids till more like 14 months. He still loves his milk, but we switched to whole milk at a year.

It depends. Your milk also changes, providing exactly what baby needs along the way. Mine always drank about 5 oz a feed even past starting solids.

I fed on demand until baby turned 2. It was always in waves, and my supply would always adjust. Breastfeeding isn’t just eating for them, so they’ll breastfeed more or less depending on teething, developmental changes, temperature change, belly aches, getting off the pacifier, etc etc. At 6 months she started solids rather enthusiastically but it was more of an introduction for many many months. She was relying on milk rather heavily until 10-12 months. After 12 months it felt more of a comfort rather than the key food source. So to summarise, I wouldn’t expect things to change specifically at the 6 months mark, as you’ll be disappointed if you expect that to be the turning point, but rather expect them to go in waves. The first three months are tough. Your body is adjusting to feeding, the baby is getting used to it.. it’s a lot. It does get easier. Once the baby is six months, feeding the same amount would not feel the same.

Your body will produce exactly what he needs! I always pumped about 3-5 oz a boob and when I’d forget to pump at work I’d get more. Breastfed babies drink way less than formula fed babies, that’s why those little short bottles exist vs the tall bigger ones. You’re doing great. Your kid is in control! 3 feeds a day by 6 months was our vibe and I’d pump in the middle of the night and sometimes have to feed to settle wake ups 🤍🤍🤍

@Erinn thank you I needed to hear that!

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