Mucus plug

Question for my experienced mamas, I have had increased thicker discharge for the past day or 2 and today I noticed a thick booger like clump in my panties when I went to the bathroom. Is that my mucus plug? And if it is, then about how long before you went into labor did you start to lose your mucus plug?
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How many weeks are you?

@Karis 🦩 36 on Friday

Unfortunately, losing your mucus plug isn't necessarily a sign labor will start. You can lose it, and it will regenerate....I know many moms who lost it as early as their 2nd trimester. But also I know moms who lost it between 34-38 weeks and went to 40 weeks.

It probably is part of your plug, but it doesn't necessarily mean labor is super close. Some women lose it months early and it regenerates, others never see it come out. If you're concerned, try to get into your OB to get checked.

I went into labor with my first within 48 hours after my mucus plug came out, I was 38 weeks. I've also had family that lost theirs but didn't go into labor until a week or so later. So there is no telling after it comes out what will happen.

Sounds like the mucus plug. Losing your mucus plug is not a good indicator of labor being imminent or even near. You can lose it multiple times throughout your entire pregnancy and it can just regenerate. My first pregnancy I lost mine a total of 3 times, the second to last time was at 40 weeks after a membrane sweep and I still had to be induced at 41+5 😭 where I lost it that third time when they broke my waters so it had regenerated even after 40 weeks 😔

Could be .. get checked

I lost mine the day before going into labor with my son last year of course I’m pregnant again now lol

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