Breast pump recommendations please?

I need a not so expensive but effective breast pump. Anyone have any recommendations?
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The midwife mumma! Hers are great!

Get a hospital grade one. Spectra/medela is the best and can be bought second hand for cheap

I’d buy secondhand hospital grade - I have a medela I got for half price

How do I get that?

I haven’t heard it

I bought a spectra second hand off market place. You'll find second hand one's in pretty good condition because lots of mums only use them for a small amount of time. You're not actually allowed to sell second hand pumps, but people just list them under names like "milk pump", "double pump" etc. I'd also recommend getting a double pump, rather than a single one

Is it hygienic? Like free of any cross contamination?

You can get brand new parts off spectra website if it’s spectra or Maymom on Amazon for compatible parts. You’re basically buying the pump for the motor.

But also - sterilising parts is fine. Check gumtree out too

Like someone else said, you just sterilise the parts that attach to you, just boil them in water in a big pot for 10 minutes or so

Thank you. 😊

Spectra s1 - been exclusively pumping for 10 months now have loads of info and recs if you need just avoid any mobile pumps they don't work! Elena is correct need hospital grade. Correct flange size is key too.

Has anyone tried Minbie?

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