Do autistic kids regress, my 2 year old used to talk a lot. Say hello, bye bye etc. in the past 6 months since having his baby brother he is talking less and showing a lot of stimming behaviors. We are having him tested soon. Do skills get lost with age?
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They do regress and normally it's talking. That's at least what the Dr told me. My son went from being potty trained and being able to do it all on his own but at some point he started struggling to wipe himself. We're still wondering what happened

@Shauna Hibbler-Cooley wow that makes me even more sad 😔

It is but these kiddos thrive and do amazing things. I don't dwell on it too much. He's learning again.

They definitely can regress, but it doesn't mean that they won't learn those skills again. Teaching them may need a different approach, but also may not. All are different :)

Yes agree- it happens, they regress, and then they progress again! Sometimes you can pinpoint a trigger and sometimes not. But a little bit that is just being a human right? 3 steps forward, two steps back. In this case becoming a big bro is the likely trigger, and could be an autism regression or could just be a response to a big life change. Either way, losing a skill for now doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. It might also help even at his age to talk to him about it. Our occupational therapist has always told me to “notice things out loud” as a way to give my daughter words around hard situations. “Wow, adding a baby to our family sure is a big change! My body has been feeling very stressed out (or some other hard feeling you’ve had to manage since having a new baby) and even though it’s great to have him the change is still a lot! I notice you’ve been very quiet lately and haven’t been using your words. I wonder if your body also feels stressed out (or other emotion)”

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