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When are our little babes “supposed to” start wearing shoes? Got my little guy some crocs so he doesn’t burn his feet playing at the water table outside but i feel like soon enough he should be wearing shoes?!
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I had the same questions and just decided that when she can walk, she’ll start wearing shoes lol. Any time before that it just felt like it was unnecessary

When they start walking and will walk outside Try to get the ones with flexible soles. Tiny explorings are good.

Walking outside but soft sole only. I start with leather since it's the most flexible. I do robeez brand. They're sole being able to move like they are barefoot is important for walking development and conti9 to be important for for development. Three last bond starts to develop in a baby's foot at age 3. Once they are waking well I move to something like tiny explores which is a bit more protective but still pretty flexible

I did the same thing for my daughter.

@Alejandra yes! We have multiple sizes of these! I just hate that they are like a sock- so they get hot in the warm weather.

Don't need shoes and shouldn't wear them until they're walking as the bones and everything in their feet aren't really fully formed yet. If it's just for looks, something loose fitting like Crocs are good

They shouldn't wear any shoes until there walking it can effect the growth and formation of their feet xx

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