So a couple days ago I came on here to ask for advice on how to handle my child constantly lying about things that can cause harm to others, breaking main house rules, etc. The way my partner and I parent follows the guidelines of natural consequences. Example: the child was breaking things and lying about it to get their other sibling in trouble so that the other sibling would also be in trouble with the same consequences. It also evolved around the topic of removing sweets as part of the consequences for their actions and the reasoning they gave for those actions. I didn’t get advice all I got was mom shaming saying that I’m going to give them an eating disorder and shouldn’t be withholding any form of food. In our household sweets are a reward for good behavior and not given for bad behavior.
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Honestly take what certain people say on here with a grain of salt. Some people on here are rude, aggressive and inconsiderate of others. They also take things way too far. I hope you don’t feel bad about what others said. You’re doing amazing!

Keyboard warriors that haven’t went out and touched grass since Covid. I wouldn’t let it get to you!

I'd honestly just block those people so they can't respond to future posts, just view it as them telling on themselves. Some people are just full of themselves

It’s the internet. They wouldn’t even say that dumb shit in person lol they’re just trying to throw you off.

Sweets are not a necessity. I saw those comments under your previous post and I was gonna say something but I had gotten side tracked in the middle of typing a rebuttal . Sweets are not needed. It’s not abuse to withhold junk food . As long as you aren’t withholding actual nutrition you’re fine. Kids don’t need junk food and they definitely don’t get rewarded with it for bad behavior. You are doing the right thing mama people who feel like you’re “abusive “ are the same people in 5 years who are gonna have kids in school biting their teachers .

@evelyn I agree, sweets are not a necessity they’re a reward. The kids get proper meals and nutrition at every meal they have.

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