baby sounding like a chicken

my little one is 5 weeks old and when she’s breathing sometimes she’ll make a noise that sounds like a chicken or a bird (only way i can describe it🤣) is this normal?
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My girl makes these noises too, midwife said it’s normal for them to make weird noises especially whilst they’re so little😅 sometimes it’s positional :)

Mine too! X

Feeling like you’ve birthed a farmyard animal - apparently normal 🙈

My boy Is 3 weeks old today and is the exact same! I'm so glad you described it like that 😅 I thought people would think I'm mad if I said it . My health visitor heard it once and said to keep an eye on it .

I feel like I’ve read somewhere that it’s potentially from their voice box not being completely developed & being floppy that they can make weird noises! It’s super normal though, they grow out of it as they get older x

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