eating aversion

my 15 month old has not been wanting to eat anything. She hasn’t wanted rice, rice and beans, chicken , pasta .. any help ? or ideas
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Just keep trying. Maybe try different presentations of it. My girls wont eat peas and carrots by themselves but if i put them in my Japanese curry they scoop them right up. She also might be teething. Have you tried any Tylenol? Or cold foods?

yes she is teething her molars . and yes i’ve tried tylenol . she isn’t a fan of anything cold but i can try it again !! thanks for the tips

@victoria what brand of Tylenol did you use? Maybe a different flavor might work better? I like genexa brand. They are dye free and no high fructose corn syrup. I believe the flavor is like blueberry.

My daughter is always super uninterested in food when she’s teething! Especially when she popped her molars, her poor mouth was so sore!

For teething you can freeze a popsicle and that should help also amber necklace was my daughters go to ☺️ Praying for your sweet baby to feel better 🙏

PLEASE do not give her an Amber teething necklace, I’m sure her daughter was just fine but there have been so many reports of babies choking or being strangled by them.

we had an amber teething necklace and i recently took it off because it was getting to small for her . But thank you everyone for the recommendations❤️

Motrin works best for teething. The Tylenol does nothing for my LO

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