Birth control after birth

I’m having a hard time deciding which birth control to go on. I’m breastfeeding so using something that won’t affect it is plus. I’ve had good experience with the patch but if I miss one I end up pregnant so that’s fun. But I loved the idea of having a ‘period’, made me feel semi normal. I had okay experience with IUD, but when time to remove it I needed a D&C under general anesthesia, because it embedded itself into my uterus. Soooo I’m alittle scared to go that route again- but my doctor is saying that might have been a one off thing and being a mom of 2 under 5, I should get the iud again cuz it’s one less thing to think abt. Help, I’m conflicted.
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I loved my IUD but I didn’t have the same experience you did. I definitely didn’t mind not having a period and I was able to get pregnant not long after having it removed. I’m actually talking to my doctor tomorrow about this very thing. I’m thinking pill or patch as my husband and I would like to get pregnant again in a year. Those two seem easier to options stop than the IUD.

Following, I have no interest in getting pregnant soon but scared to get an iud due to complications. Does it make you gain weight?

My IUD didn’t cause me to gain weight. I’m starting on the pill don’t remember the brand but I can post it after I pick it up tomorrow if you ladies want. I do want to get pregnant again in the next year or so so the pill seemed the easiest for me.

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