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So, my baby boy is growing and growing fast. He’s about to be 5 months but he’s almost 30 inches which means at 32 inches he will have grown out of his infant car seat. With that said…. What are some of the best and safest revolving car seats. I’m open to all brands and price points between 200-600
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It depends on so many different factors. Here’s a list of recommended seats for USA. I recommend joint car seat Facebook groups and getting a recommendation based on your specific needs.

@Sarah thank you for sharing

We love ours! Our daughter is 2 now and still able to be rear facing because of how it supports leg room, but when the day comes, it just rotates forward with a push of a button the same way it rotates backyard (no reinstall needed!!). It's also way easier to get them in and out because it rotates to face you from either direction. Evenflo Gold Revolve360 Extend All-in-One Rotational Car Seat with SensorSafe (Onyx Black)

We have a Graco Slimfit and love it.

I’ve had Nuna revolve, Evenflo and Graco and liked them all fine! We have two toddlers and between me, hubby, the grandparents and our babysitter, we have 7 active car seats…so yeah!

@Laura thank you, you definitely know a good car seat considering you’ve used quite a few

Yeah! Lol. I feel like the Graco ones were all practically the same as each other. I really can’t remember which ones we have because they had diff names but all cost slightly different prices between $200-350. The Nuna revolve is like the main one in my personal suv which is the car the kids are in most, and while it’s def the most expensive, I wouldn’t necessarily say it was worth the extra money. If you want a revolving car seat, I’d get the Evenflo

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