16 year old told me she had sex with her boyfriend the second time they met in person.. I had no clue as they met in a public place.. I got her the morning after pill as they weren’t safe. All sets of parents know .. I got her into a clinic but she isn’t scheduled for the iud until August 19.. in the meantime they gave her the patch to start which she put on today but I know it won’t kick in for a good week.. my boundary was that she couldn’t hang out with him alone until she was on birth control which I figured she’d get the iud quicker but they don’t have enough nurses right now at the clinic.. I feel super uncomfortable them hanging out now especially since the current birth control will only be a day old so obviously not effective.. idk what to do but she hasn’t seen him in two weeks and we all know how bad that is..
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A week into taking patches she should be ok, but also a conversation about condoms should also be had. There’s just no good reason to go without them as a teenager.

@Stephanie for sure! She just started the patch today but they want to hang out tomorrow! They both have had good conversation about safety etc but I’m just worried about them hanging out before the week her Bc kicks in

I think your boundary holds. They need a chaperone until birth control is effective. What are his parent’s boundaries?

@Stephanie Uhm that he uses protection and that if she goes over there, they are only allowed in the family room with door open(we haven’t even discussed her going to his house anytime soon)

Can you offer to drive them to a cool activity date or double date with friends? That way you meet him and they are in public and they are busy having fun. Sun splash, paint balling, 6 flags, mini golf, white water rafting tour, family boat day, gun range (w/ cool adult figure).

Bored time leads to more s**. Set the standard that your daughter is worth dating, going places, communicating, and sure s** but a relationship should consist of more.

@Lauren I came up with so many ideas, bowling, painting place, swimming etc.. the problem is I don’t really trust either of them considering they had sex in a public place which was so disappointing. She’s one of the most mature kids I know but then I have to remember she’s also only 16 and still naive. I was going to send my 14 year old son with them as they want to get slurpees and the mall.. she was the one that invited my son with them so that kinda makes me feel a bit better but still.. I just feel uncomfortable about it all

Where was the first location

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