How often do you feed your little one? My LO does not usually take big bottles so I find myself feeding him more often to make sure he is getting enough. Sometimes he will drink 3 ounces but on average he drinks 1-2 ounces so I find myself feeding him every 1-2 hours. I feed him so often that he doesn’t usually cry when he is hungry. Is this too much ? Advice thoughts ?
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Is this during the day or night too? You can try to break the habit by skipping a feed and see if he takes more in the next round. Start with one feed of the day and then gradually do it for others. However, I would only recommend this if weight gain is not a concern for your LO because usually several small feeds results in more input than fewer large feeds.

My LO sleeps very well throughout the night so he will fall asleep anytime after 8pm and doesn’t wake up until 5-7 in the morning his first feed he never eats more than two sometimes he will eat only one and I’m confused since he was asleep all night and never seems very hungry in the morning. He has been continuing to gain weight slow progression, my concern is if he loses weight since he has a hole near his ventricle in his heart and it can cause him to have a disinterest in feedings and possibly lose weight. So I know my fears are definitely sinking in with feeding him but I’m so worried that the hole in his heart will have an effect on him and they say as long as he continues to gain weight it’s great. But the hole has not closed up any and gives him higher blood pressure in his lungs so they are saying that if it doesn’t get better the next step would be using a catheter up his penis to go to his heart and lungs to measure the pressure and the hole to find out the best option

This might seem like a dumb suggestion, but I absolutely wanted to ask. Have you tried changing the bottle/nipple? Changing the bottle and nipple we were using changed my LO’s eating habits. She is taking more oz less often. I think the last nipple was too difficult for her to drag from. She would get disinterested, fall asleep, etc. feeds were taking longer than 30 min sometimes. That was with the dr browns size 2 nipple. Now she is using the Lansinoh nipples on the bottles that come with my motif Luna pump. She’s eating more and quicker. She seems much happier. I fully acknowledge this may not work for all babies. I just figured I would suggest! I hope you find a resolution that eases your mind. I’m sorry this is stressful and scary. Big hugs.

I feed mine every 1-2 hours on the boob. And for bottles usually every 2 hours just to Make sure he is full. Only breastmilk that I pumped.

My LO is similar and doesn’t take a huge first feed in the morning but feeds every 2 hrs except for one longer nap. If your LO is sleeping really well in the night they have to take more calories during the day so I would continue doing what you are doing .

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