Should I try a mothers group

I’ve been wanting to try something to get myself and little one out of the house. But I’m very nervous about leaving the house with little one without my partner and just meeting new people in general. I keep seeing adds for mothers groups around place but I’m unsure if I should. What do you think?
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Mother’s groups are great. The feelings you have are normal and most other mothers in those group feel the same. I’ve found the group I’m in to be non judgemental and relaxed

Mothers group are great! Most people have an understanding of what you are going through. I found it a great way to make we get out and have something booked in each week.

I love my mum group! We catch up every so often, have a WhatsApp chat which is always great to bounce off one another if something’s going on - it’s been great to have friends at the same stage with who just get it. Children’s health QLD facilitate parent groups - it’s free - that’s how I became connected with mine.

I joined keeping mum and found the host really good, I told her about how anxious I was, she offered even come to the car etc, so you could look at doing that. It does get easier although I still get anxious

@Jess what’s keeping mum I’ve never heard of it I definitely will look into it. Glad to hear they are thinking about anxious mums.

@Lauren thank you for the advice I’m thinking I have to find one I can find my feet in

@Rachael thank you I’ll definitely have to start looking around for one

@Gabriella thank you for the great advice I’ll definitely look into that information. Very helpful

@Elaine a chain of mothers group, give it a Google :)

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