How is your routine as STAHM

Hey guys, wondering how you manage your day with your LO, we just start solids and I can't manage my schedule to get everything in time, feeding, chores, prep food, it seem to be over load of work and my baby won't let me do much of things around the house 😅 I'm on surviving mode for a while and hope I could do better.
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I’m on survival mode and I sometimes go to bed super late because I’m doing everything I couldn’t do during the day

Hey! So my little girl isn’t a baby anymore but I totally get what you mean and I remember it well. A baby carrier/wrap was my best friend and I tried to just to bits when I could, especially during nap time. Prepping food I use to just make more than normal and freeze some. So if I was making pasta with a sauce, I’d make double to sauce and the put half in the freezer. So I always have a quick go to in there. Eat with your baby if it’s possible and then you don’t miss meals! Xxx

I’m right there with you girl! I get overwhelmed so easily because of the constant things we have to do. I completely forget myself in the everyday process. I know I need a better routine so I’m following the comments ❣️

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