Sleeping through the night

How are you lucky mummies getting your little ones to sleep through the night? My girl is 7 months now and is still constantly waking every hour to 2 hours! Not for a feed just a cuddle and resettle. Our bed time routine is consistent like our HV advised us. We are exhausted 😩. I just dread bed time! Keep getting told it’ll get better but when?! 😔
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My LB has maybe slept through the night 4 or 5 times, and I know they say that starting solids doesn’t help your baby sleep through but I have noticed for me that it’s largely down to how much he actually eats on a given day along with days I know he’s had good feeds. My baby has been a good sleeper with only one wake up for a feed since he was 4 months old so I do think it’s partly temperament of baby too. Do you go straight into the room as soon as he starts crying? Pausing for 5 mins to allow your baby the opportunity to try and settle themselves can give them a chance to fall back asleep and learn how to link sleep cycles. Hang in there ❤️

Our babe just started to do it all on her own and we changed absolutely nothing. I really do think it’s just a case of consistency and they will figure it out. X

I think it depends on the baby. My first was a terrible sleeper but now my baby is much better. Haven’t done anything different.

Routine helped us and good feeds 👌🏼😋 solids help him go longer through the day. He has a cold at the moment so wakes for cuddles 🥰🥺

It’s just so hard! She’s not yet in her own room hoping to get her in, in the next few weeks to see if that’ll make a difference! But her constant wake ups really put me off also as she is currently in her next to me so slightly easier to attend too! I sometimes leave her in hopes she’ll just go back to sleep but she loves to have a party and a chat to herself then starts to get upset and grouchy 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyway you can change temperament? 😜. Weaning hasn’t had an impact on us I was hoping it did 🤣 Sometimes I feel like this is karma from me being a nap queen for many years previous to having her 🙈. x

Honestly we did nothing, she just started doing longer stretches and dropping night time bottles over time when she was around 3.5 months. Its definitely not linear, some weeks are amazing and other weeks she will still wake and cry for dummy or need a cuddle back but usually goes back over quickly. My husband is the sleepiest person I have ever met (it was the subject of lots of the speeches at our wedding thats how extreme it is lol) so she must have something genetic from him 😂🙈 I personally still wake loads!!! Ps she doesnt go to bed til around 10.30 (wakes up around 8) so dont be fooled into thinking its like 7-7 its not!! ❤️

@CeeCee aww I really hope this is us soon! She’s not fed through the night in a good few months now- which just stopped over night! Haha love that, hopeful she’ll take after me and love her sleep soon then 🙈 I bet I’ll be the same, the day she does sleep through I’ll just be constantly checking on her 🤣. Must be a mother thing! Thank you, love hearing that! I don’t care much for timings either I just go by her as everyday is different so nice to hear that 🥰

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