Is it Sleep Regession

My little one is 4 months will be 5 months on the 21st and for the past 3-4 days he’s decided he don’t take naps 😂 like he wakes up in the morning I pump, fed him, change him, play with him and maybe run an errand and he gets sleep around 10am/11am. He takes a nap for an hour to an hour 45 mins then wakes up and doesn’t go to sleep again until 6-7pm at night. Then he’ll sleep for 4-5 hours straight wake for a feeding and sometimes goes right back to sleep but sometimes stay up for two hours talking and kicking his legs before he tires himself out again and goes to sleep Please tell me this is sleep regression and it will pass
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Mine gets really grouchy so I have to basically force him to sleep this 30-45min but he’ll literally fight it for as long as he can. 😭

@Ani I can’t even force him. He just laughs and plays and squirms 😂😂 like nothing I do can force him down unless he’s overly tired lol

Mine also will not go down for a nap unless it’s the perfect set up lol. No one in the room no distractions fan on and I have to rock and hug him pretty tight other wise he’s looking all over the room to avoid falling asleep. He doesn’t want to miss anything!

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