My 3mo baby girl just tested positive for covid. Any advice on how to help her feel more comfortable?
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You will be okay give it a few weeks you are a good mama

It seems to effect older people more. She should be feeling better quickly. Humidifier if congested. I'm not sure on guidelines with tylenol for that young ask your doctor. If breastfeeding do often for extra fluids and comfort. Hang in there!

Frida mom sick day kit is awesome! Check it out!

I just recovered from Covid! It’s no joke. If the snot sucker/suction ball thing doesn’t work to relieve her congested, I recommend getting one of these to help relieve the snot because personally I had a lot and that’s coming from someone who is *able* to blow their nose. The biggest thing while she’s recovering is comfort. Make sure her temperature stays low, if she gets too high if a fever take her into the hospital! Better safe than sorry!💗 hope she recovers well!

my boy was 6 weeks when he got vid. it was mild tho and over quick. if you nurse, just keep doing that as much as possible. suck nose clean, and use a humidifier. kids are strong.

My son had it at a year I think and it was like he didn’t he’s a trooper lol it’ll be ok

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