Breast so full, painful and leaking

Hello ladies, my milk has come in yesterday and feeding is going well but my breast are soooo full they become painful and I keep leaking everywhere. Does it take time to adjust? Should I express? I really don’t want to over stimulate / over produce as I’m already doing that and make things worse 😭 I’m not sure breasts are empty after feeds either!
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Also definitely getting clogged up got a couple of bumps 😭😭

Personally for me I would express to relieve the pressure and to make me feel more comfortable. You could just be someone who makes more milk. If you do express its always good to have a freezer stash in case of emergencies x

So this was me.. I later found out I am an overproducer, which is good and can be annoying at times. A couple things I learned. 1) pump to release milk when you’re engorged doesn’t mean you’re going to over stimulate. Ppl that pump to keep their supply (to over stimulate actually have to keep to a pump schedule to keep their supply) you pumping once to release won’t over stimulate anything. 2) pump and stash is wonderful for when your partner or whomever to feed baby when you are ready to introduce bottle so you get some rest. This can be fun, such an ego boost 3) watch what you eat… no one told me this. But diet is so important!! Look up food that boost Lactation support and if you see something that you suspect is keeping you engorged, stop it for a few days. And if you want to add it to your diet.. do so sparingly. 4) Hakka, this can help as well. My over production was so bad my milk spray in the back of baby throat and she use to cry and cough so a good trick is Hakka

Before feeding for five minutes and latch, one latched, lean yourself back to allow baby control

5) I pump AFTER I feed and baby is full too be empty. I find this doesn’t stimulate me at all and will actually empty me. I only pump after baby eat before we go to bed at night for a long stretch and right when I wake up. I’m pretty busy during the day so unless I’m super engorged I don’t pump 6) to release pain, hot shower, massage breasts, take legendary milk sunflower lecithin as need 7) when pump, try to relax, get comfortable, relaxing music, breathe, massage as you do it 8) heated breasts massager- this is great help when it get too bad 9) let baby feed on you, I know it hurt but trust me, nothing will release it better than your baby. Not even your medical grade pump!! 10) goodlucks;) if you need more help you can message me

@San you are an angel thank you so much for all that info I’m super grateful! I’m gonna introduce it all tomorrow and see how we go!! 🥰🥰🥰

@Laeti you’re very welcome I’m three months postpartum now so I struggle a lot starting out… I called my doula and a lactation consulting crying a lot so I get it. It’s so frustrating. I kept getting it on and off and no one knew why. When I finally found out it was my diet. I love these black sesame dessert soup thing and they were the cause. Come to find out black sesame is a super lactation booster 😩😭 Also keep yourself very hydrated!! You just starting out so you might overproduce now but your milk will regulate it self so as long as you implement what I wrote here to troubleshoot You will be gucci

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