Baby crying with husband at bed time

Hiii everyone! I have a 4 month old baby girl I’m with her mainly 24/7. My husband used to be the one to put her to bed usually most nights now for the past 5 days she will not let him rock her to sleep she crys and screams when I come she puts her arms out for me to grab her and stops crying. Wondering if this has also happened to anyone else? And what to do
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Mine does this too.his father is away for work Monday to Friday so the baby is very attached to me. But we power through. His dad is a trooper he won’t let me in when he is doing bed time because if I come in half way through he has to start all over. It took some time and we went on a vacation also where he got a lot more daddy time and that seemed to help. He still takes longer to go down with dad but I think the more we work at it the better he will be. It’s also a lot of letting go on my side as well. It is so hard to let go when I know I can get him down in two minutes to watch my partner struggle for a half hour or more but he insists and the more he does it the less long he takes. I just keep telling myself that our baby is safe with his papa and they need to form their own bond too.

My daughter is the same she doesn’t let him bath her or put her to sleep he works Monday tho Wednesday and weekends but I feel bad that he doesn’t wake up and spend time with her

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