Not feeling loved *includes sex talk*

I am 13 weeks pregnant and almost every to every other night my boyfriend gets in bed and asks for head, i do it, then we have sex. Me on top or doggy style. He hasn’t returned the favor in months and he rarely switches positions but when we first started dating he did it every time and said he enjoyed pleasing me. Well tonight he came in bed and asked for head. I said “can I get some first” his response was “can you do mine first or we can knock em both out at the same time” (implying 69 which he knows i don’t enjoy) and i just didn’t respond and he just didn’t do anything and fell asleep. I have been craving it for months and i’ve told him this before and he just doesn’t care. He seems to only want to please himself.
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Ugh that really sucks, I hateeeee when people suddenly become selfish in the bedroom. Have you tried point blank asking why he doesn’t enjoy pleasing you anymore

@Samantha i haven’t but I definitely will. He’s also been very short fused and argumentative lately. I just feel like he doesn’t care much about how I feel

That may be the case or maybe there is something else that he doesn’t want to tell you about/stress you out or anything like that. Some men can’t get passed the whole my baby is in there thing and get awkward with sex haha so the conversation would be a good start

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