Partner Dating while Pregant

Hey ladies, how are you dealing with your partner going on dates while you’re pregnant? My husband and I are poly and have been poly for most of our relationship. We’ve both dated around here and there, but either of us have only have really dated one other person. We started someone a couple months ago before our wedding and it was tough. Particularly because it was all three of our first most serious poly relationships and we tried to date each other equally but it didn’t really work out (she was only by curious not actually bi/pan). So my husband and her started dating and it was just really hard for me. It was a tough experience but we learned a lot, went through couples therapy and grew from it. There relationship ended pretty shortly after we got married Since then we’ve learned how to be supportive of each other’s dating experiences and both have explored casual relationships since then. Now before getting pregnant I said pretty clearly that I wanted to take a break from dating because I’m gonna be high needs and hormonal and not sure what my capacity would be for other relationships. I thought we both agreed to this, but while I was out of town for work trip, he told me he matched with a girl on tinder and invited her to a show his band’s playing next weekend (the show I was going to go to also with a big group of our friends) they instead set a date for the Friday before, but I was still really hurt when he told me this. He couldn’t seem to understand how this hurt my feelings and inferred I always catastrophiez when there’s a chance for new relationship to form and that I always assume it’s going to end poorly for me so I don’t give it a chance. But I don’t think so. I think he’s not facing the fact that he tends to explicitly go looking for relationships when I there’s about to be a big change in our lives instead of just talking about his fucking feelings of inadequacy in my own humble opinion. I’m upset but know I don’t control him so after we fought for a bit on the phone. I told him my comfort zone about the date (no hook ups in our bed etc) and just said fine we’ll talk about this in therapy next week. I know it’s the logically thing to do but I’m still so hurt and heartbroken about it. I just want him to not want to date around while I’m in this really fragile state. It’s the same ask I had when we were engaged. It doesn’t feel like a big ask, but I don’t know. How are yall handling your partners dating while you’re pregnant? Pardon any typos…stream of consciousness text
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