Should I go into the ER?

My 15 month old fell off her chair outside and hit the metal railing to our patio . I’m freaking out because she had a huge bump. She didn’t knock herself out she fell and started to cry immediately. It’s little bruised around.
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I would take her in for your own peace of mind.

Take her in if she's showing signs of concussion. Vomiting, uneven pupils, she's lethargic, or extra irritable.

Yes absolutely take her - for your own sake, and just to have peace of mind. Hoping she is all okay ❤️


Man, I remember when my baby fell and hit her head on the corner of a drawer😬😭 it was such a sad scene. No blood, but the amount of tears and screaming made my mom heart break :( she ended up being fine, just a gnarly bump

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