Animiotic fluid or pee

I’m leaking through my pants onto bed I sometimes I can trinkle pee but this is more and I didn’t notice until I stood up and felt dampness before this I’ve been leaking a lot too idk if it’s pee or not my dula said could be either but probably pee because I haven’t lost my mucus plug
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I was induced but I didn't have any obvious signs of mucus plug loss before my water broke. I'd go to L&D and have it tested. A big tell is if you can stop the flow. If you can it's urine. If not likely fluid

@Kate I’m not sure how long it can trickle out for slowly but the day before I went pee then thought I was done and uncontrollable “pee” came out I thought it was weird but was like whatever everything seems normal then this happened today but I didn’t even notice so idk if it was controllable or not lol

I was leaking until he came out so it was a good 20 hours. The fluid gets trapped around them and often comes out in pockets

I second going to get checked. The mucas can come out slowly and some women don't notice it. I didn't notice it before my water broke last pregnancy and my mom doesn't remember it happened in any 4 of hers (water broke 4 times). I'd say if it came out without you noticing, there's a good chance it's amniotic fluid.

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