Positive or negative?

Does anyone see faint line or is it just me ?
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I seen a faint line. Try testing in a day or two just to be sure.

@Jo'Nique thank you just wasn’t sure if my mind was playing tricks

I see it!

@Toni I’m using pregnancy calendar says I would be about 5 weeks and 3 day

@Angelina that’s exactly where I am at!!! LMP was 6/3/24

Take it right when you wake up! But I see it?!

I see it

I see it

Girl I see it!

@Angelina any update?

@Toni went took a test at hospital came back negative so they scheduled me for bloodwork. He said it could be because I’m real early.

@Angelina when did they schedule the bloodwork? Monday I got a positive on a digital first Response. I went to the hospital Tuesday for bleeding and after blood work and ultrasound they told it was a chemical/early miscarriage. I wish you all the best hun.

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