Just in time for an England win 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Very positive first sweep!

I was 41+5 as of yesterday (Wednesday 10th July) and had my first sweep booked for 3.30pm. Had had no signs whatsoever that labour was coming (no mucus plug loss or anything). My son, who is now 27 months, came 1 day early and I was convinced this baby would come even sooner! Anyway, my midwife said I was 2cms dilated but that she had managed to easily stretch to 4cms which was a good sign. I refused induction for today (11 July) and said I’d see how I felt next week. In the meantime, a second sweep was booked for Friday to take place alongside the additional monitoring given 42 weeks pregnant. Immediately after the sweep I had cramps which were manageable. Around 2 hours after the sweep I was having what felt like definite contractions which were coming and going but were quite intense. I called the MLU I was hoping to give birth at to ask if this was normal and they said quite often sweeps cause false starts but to keep an eye on contractions and phone back if needed. By 7pm (3 hours after sweep) I was contracting 3 in every 10 minutes for around a minute each and I felt like intensity was increasing. I called the birth centre again and said I’d like to be checked so 10 minutes before kick-off we left for the 20 minute journey. On arrival (8.15pm) I wss 5cms dilated but panicking slightly as to how I was going to get to 10cms with only gas and air given how intense the contractions were. I got into the birthing pool at 9pm and used breathing techniques and gas and air to cope with the intensifying contractions. At 9.53pm, just as England were about to score the winner, our baby boy was born (less than 6 hours after my very first sweep)! I’m in shock at how quickly everything happened but my birth was the dream! Just hoping this gives some hope / solidarity to any overdue ladies as I was well and truly fed up! 💙 Little Charlie James is 8lbs 1oz of perfection - we didn’t know the gender and I managed to guide Charlie out myself and bring him up to my chest before announcing we had another baby boy. Cloud 9 is the only way to describe how I’m feeling! Currently laying with him on my chest knowing I should try to rest but not being able to stop myself from looking at him!! Good luck to everyone still waiting - I promise it’s more than worth it!! Xx
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Awh congratulations This is amazing & sooo what I needed to hear!! Beautiful Charlie 😍🥹 any tips with the breathing exercises?xxx

Unreal story that🥹 beautiful! Congratulations xxx

I am so happy for ❤️❤️ And first of all hats off to you ❤️ Strong mommy ❤️ Many many congratulations ❤️❤️❤️🫶 I got my first sweep yesterday for 3 hours after that I was feeling contractions but after that nothing 🫤 Just a bit pain while doing pee 🥴 I am book fir induction tomorrow but my midweek told me we will try to sweep you again as I was2 cm and she done 3 But still no sign I hope baby will by itself I don’t want to induce.. hoping for the best 🙏🏻❤️

Congratulations! I loved reading your positive birth story. Hope you and baby are well ❤️

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