Help! Colic & griping pain

My little one is 3 weeks old and was having bad gas pains. We had him on gripe water and Infacol, which seemed to help a bit (although it didn’t get rid of the problem) but then a friend told me about Colic Calm which I swapped out for the Infacol but now my little one has gone back to major straining and seems to be in so much pain again 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m going to stop the Colic Calm and go back to the Infacol. I know that our little ones will grow out of the gas pains in time (consensus seems to be around the 3-6 month mark) but it just hurts to see him in pain! Does anyone have anything that has helped or just tell me it gets better please?🥺
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Hi mama, judging from this video it’s just normal gas pain. It’s not colic. Colic is a period of extreme and inconsolable crying that lasts for more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days in a week, for more than 3 weeks. I personally would stop giving gripe water and all the other concoctions as they are actually a choking hazard for infants and may not actually be helping, and switch to warm baths, leg bicycles, holding upright for 15 mins after a feed, and tummy massages.

This just looks like some normal gas, some gentle tummy massages should help 🙂

@Flo thank you! I’ll look to see if I can find video examples of some tummy massages

@Casey ah okay! thanks!

Put your fingers together and make your hand like a blade and do the I LOVE YOU massage. Do an I with your hand down their tummy, then an L, then a U shape. Start from left to right at their lower tummy and walk your fingers across his tummy like a spider

Bicycle legs as well

@Casey thank you!!

Optibac baby probiotics were a godsend for my little boy. Took about 5 days to start noticing a difference, but after a couple of weeks, we’d notice that we hadn’t once reached for the gripe water or infacol. He’s never had another dose since. Now he’s 7 months, he burps and farts like a grown man 😅

Baby massage (daily and continuing even if things start to ease) and carrying upright a carrier during the day as much as possible to use gravity for digestion and wind passing.

My LG is nearly 11 months and still has infacol before milk Its the only thing that seemed to have helped The pain does get better with time as they grow But still when i stop infacol she keeps waking up during her sleep moaning and farting

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