Still no period…

Almost 11 weeks PP. They were like clockwork before baby! I’m not moaning and I am deffo not pregnant but she seeing people now having their second period and I’m like WTF. Baby is combi fed. Anyone else???
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I’m the same and I’m not complaining, I asked my doula, they say when you breastfeed (my baby only get a bottle a day) predominately your body delay it. I wouldn’t worry

Same and we are combi feeding but just 1 bottle a day, doctor said it's normal. Unless there are gaps of >8 hours your body delays it as if you are breast feeding so it could be any time between now and 6 months apparently

Combi feeding, 4 1/2 months now, no period yet. My sister in law started weaning at 6 months and took till 8 months to get her period. Everyone is different.

I am very jealous! I'm 10 weeks tomorrow, EBF and already had two 😭 I was hoping to go a while without them!

I'm 14 weeks PP and bottle feeding. Still not had a period.

I’m 12 weeks pp and bottle feeding. No period yet either

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