Juvenile Arthritis (JIA) - Has anyone experienced this?

Hi Ladies, Has anyone experienced their LO having a swollen (inflammation) knee + difficulty walking due to juvenile arthritis or some other cause? My now 21 month old daughter got this all of a sudden about a month ago, and has been using Advil to manage pain and inflammation (doctor’s orders) until we get results in. Her pediatrician thinks it’s juvenile arthritis after bloodwork showed inflammation markers and her X-rays and ultrasound show no breaks or fractures (only fluid and inflammation on her hips and one knee). She wants my 21 month old to get cortisone shots, however, I had a sports injury and knee surgery myself, and my orthopaedic surgeon told me that cortisone was bad and causes cartilage damage. She’s so young and it’s kind of odd and rare that someone her age would get JIA. My questions to the group are: 1) has anyone’s little one (LO) had similar symptoms? What was it? 2) if your LO has/had juvenile arthritis - what helped them heal and resume back to their energetic, fun self again? Are cortisone shots the only solution or your LO did something else? Thank you!
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Hey alexia I actually know someone going through this currently with one of their little ones and it was quite the process of healing, I could maybe send you her contact info/IG profile and you can reach out to her but her daughter is doing much better even though it’s still a journey

@Danielle yes please; thank you! ❤️

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