Periods after birth

Has anyone else had really bad periods pains are giving birth I now have 2 kids 2 year and 9 week old baby before having kids my period never hurt but now I feel like I am in the first stages of labour
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I have a 21 month old and my periods are definitely much worse now after giving birth.

My daughter is 22 months and my periods are awful since giving birth. I feel really cranky and tired the week before and then the first 2 days are so heavy 😭 I dread it every month. Whereas before baby my periods didn’t really bother me and were light for about 4/5 days. It sucks! X

Agree my daughter is 2 in September never had any pains and wasnt a heavy bleeder. After my daughter its constant heavy cramping and paracetamol and my first 2 days are super heavy. Now I know what my friends were going there when they mentioned cramping xx

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