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If your baby is awake how but not crying how king do you leave them before going to help them sleep. My LO wakes in the night and seems to be trying to self settle but I keep going in after 15mins if he’s not asleep. He’s not crying just laying there or playing with feet etc… is this right or should I intervene quicker or not until he cries?
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If my little girl has woke up during the night and not fallen back to sleep after boob I just put her down and go back to sleep myself 😅 obvs if she starts fussing or crying I pick her back up but if she’s doing what you’ve described I just leave her. There been a couple of times when I’ve done that, woke a couple hrs later to find her asleep, so she must have dosed off herself at some point lol

If mines awake but not upset I leave him, if he’s happy in his bed and there’s nothing wrong what’s the point in changing that & loosing sleep 🤷🏼‍♀️

It may be different for your baby, but my girl gets quite annoyed if she’s trying to self settle and I intervene and try to help 😂 I think i interrupt her flow of things so I just leave her in her crib and watch until she eventually falls asleep. I probs could just fall asleep as I know she will settle but I feel too nervous to at the minute, I like to know she is asleep before I can relax (nothing wrong with those who do it the other way!) 😂 it’s just personal preference! X

Yep if my little one is not crying but awake in his bed, I leave him and he falls asleep by himself.

We usually leave her till she starts to sound on the way to getting upset/frustrated, if she's happily playing or chatting we try to give her a chance to self settle (still hasn't happened but one of these days 😅)

Mine's been doing this recently. I leave him be as he's obviously quite alright, and he goes back to sleep eventually. Must be a developmental thing x

If he isnt crying or upset leave him be! Once he starts getting grizzly or upset il go straight in and get him! Last night he woke at 12.30am & was sucking his hands wide awake- i dosed off and woke at 1.05am and he was fast asleep again 👏🏻

Its so hard to know isnt it! Mine has started waking a few times wide awake, ready to party and happy screeching 🫠 It can take her 40 mins to go back over and I cant doze off til she is asleep so I usually give in and lift her but thats probably just making the cycle repeat itself 🤡😂

@CeeCee this is very similar to my situation too! Not always there quietly but babbling, playing etc. I just never know if going in makes it worse or let them play. Seems if I go in you can guarantee I’ll be in every 10 mins

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