Does anyone else's partner insist any sort of sex or foreplay with baby in the room is inappropriate?

For context, baby is 7 wks. And sex during pregnancy was also a no go because ",it was too difficult". Shall I just sew it up now? 🙈😅
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Hi it’s me. I think it’s inappropriate to have sex with your baby in the room.

It's only inappropriate if they're old enough to actually realize something is happening, they're on the same bed, or you're ignoring their crying. A seven week old can't even see their hand in front of their face.

thankfully no. y’all can always go to another room though

@Jessica I agree 😅lol

What Jessica said ! They don’t know get yo groove in before they do know what’s going on lol or yall will never until they get their own room

@Jessica I second this.

That's what I said! Told him at least I didn't need to bother sorting any contraception for at least 6 months 🤣

No. I don't think it's inappropriate. We have sex most nights ... with baby in the room (in his crib, once he goes to sleep)

No I don’t find it inappropriate , as long as our baby was asleep but now that he’s a year old we do it in a separate room just mainly because he’s older now and has his own room.

I don't see anything inappropriate about it! But if you don't know want to get pregnant right away I'd proceed with caution if you're not on birth control. I ovulated around 4-5 weeks pp my first pregnancy, so if we weren't being careful I could have ended up pregnant. I was EBF too. If you're lucky ovulation is suppressed the first 5 months. But there is no guarantee and most don't know they ovulated until after they did or get their period.

I don't think it is necessarily inappropriate, however, if it is something that makes your husband uncomfortable I personally would respect it as one of their boundaries. 😊🩷

Don't worry, if we ever get there we will definitely use protection. Am trying to respect it as a boundary but starting to feel down and paranoia in case there is some other reason for it.. feels like excuse after excuse 😕

My advice is if he’s super uncomfortable just move to another room and keep baby on a monitor with the sound on so you know baby is fine and you both get you time, trust me you definitely got to keep the physical aspect alive to maintain a healthy relationship and just feeling like you’re seen and taken care of.

I think I'm worried he would find another reason not to. When I tried talking to him about it during pregnancy he said I was being pushy, so I just stopped and said it was down to him. I thought things would change after baby arrived. :/ I guess I just wanted to seek some comfort by talking about it so thanks for everyone's comments 🙂

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