How’s everyone doing after the hurricane?

Being without power in this heat is hard enough, but add a baby (in my case a 10 month old) to it… it’s rrooouuuggghhh. How’s everyone else? Found ways to cope with the heat and keep your little ones cool? Specifically at night?
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Still no power:( it just sucks my lil one. Don't let me put anything on him. Sleeping in dialer only here. My older one has a wet towel to cool him down.

I have a 8 week old and she’s been struggling with the heat. So we’re in San Antonio as of today with my parents. Hopefully everything is good soon!

We just got power back 2 hours ago but it’s gonna take all night to cool my apartment. 😭 my poor baby got heat rash. Honestly I kept sticking him in a cool bath. Just didn’t wash him. Just enough to cool down. Battery powered fan worked great too. Wet wash rag on them!

@Elizabeth what fan do you use? I’m going to try and get one tomorrow. We’ve been using a small hand fan and it’s not cutting it

@Jordan I’m not sure the brand we just got it at Walmart! We were also using my baby’s stroller fan.

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