Annoyed about money

My husband is buying a new work truck and he asked me for help with the down payment basically saying because he helped with the down on my vehicle . It annoys me because I never said I wanted help and he insisted because it was a “family suv”. He contributed $2k even though I paid for the rest of it . It annoys me more because it made him seem like he was wanting to help being that he’d use the vehicle to drop off or pick up his daughter who doesn’t live with us . So just a couple times a month . What annoys me is that he threw it in my face that he “helped” . I personally hate when people “help” you and then expect the favor back later (especially when I didn’t ask for it). I got annoyed and sent him his $2k back . It wasn’t necessarily about the money for me … it was just that he was so quick to say he helped me so now I need to return the favor . Just the way he went about asking /telling me he wanted money from me
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I am so petty and that would have enraged me because of the same principles. I would have either said no orrrr would have sent 1k and said no worries I’ll help 🤗 if he said I sent you 2k I’d of been like what am i? Your savings account? Tf out of here.

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