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My son is 2 and was just recently put on the spectrum. I’ve accepted his diagnosis. Now where I’m struggling is some of my family members have made fun of my cousins for being autistic. And like today. My aunt messages me and asks how my son is doing. So me being on high alert called my mom and made her promise me she didn’t say anything. She claimed she didn’t and yes i apologized to her. Idk how I’ll react to someone making fun of him or whatever. They said my 5 month old nephew will talk before my kid. Like…. How does one put up with another person judging their child? I feel like I would end up in jail tbh. Idk. Anyone have any advice, thoughts, ect?
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First of all your family are in the wrong for making fun of someone who is autistic there is nothing wrong with them they may think and learn differently but doesn’t everyone and don’t hide his diagnosis if they can’t accept him for who he is then they are the problem and I’d tell them to F off I won’t have anyone be mean or make fun of my children especially family if they can do that there not family

I would be cutting those people out of my life/my child’s life immediately. That’s toxic behavior and not okay.

My son is 2 too, if I hear any negative talk about him . I won’t give any second chances esp. with adults . They should know better. That nephew comment 😒 wow! our kids will develop at their own paces.

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