How are you guys getting your babies to sleep? My 6 month old has never slept through the night and wakes very frequently….. please help!!!!!
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start a routine. I bathe my daughter every night @ 8 , with a nice massage & made warm bottles with little to no light.

I bathe my son with some nighttime soap, make a knockout bottle sometimes or a regular one and he goes to sleep while drinking; other times he’ll finish the bottle and goes to sleep by his self. Dim the lights, plays nighttime music and such

If they’re breastfed it’s normal

Same. I’ve tried everything. People suggesting routine i think just don’t realize some babies legit just do not sleep

I started co-sleeping. It’s a controversial choice and it’s kinda frowned up by doctors here, but there is guidance about it from other countries so that you can decide what’s best for you.

@Maya we've coslept from the beginning this time around and it's made such a huge difference in sleep! My first was SO wakeful and my second may wake up a couple times a night for a few minutes. I just pop a boob out for a second and she's right back out. 😅 It's definitely controversial here, but totally normal in so many other places.

We sleep trained our baby at 4.5 months and put him in his own crib. It took about a good 2 weeks of full consistently and commitment, but he now sleeps 12 hours though the night. This also taught him how to self sooth, so if he does wake up he can put himself back to sleep. We used the Ferber method. It was extremely hard to hear him cry but it helped build his resilience and he’s a pro at sleeping now!

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