I GET The ICK of other caretaker

I know it weird and I been told to get over it but I start my job after maternity leave in two weeks and my husband been on me about getting someone in so I can get help when I go back and I know he’s right BUT OMG I get the ick thinking a STRANGER touching my child let alone taking care of her… I’m so stuck on this thought, it hurt Like I tried, I interview lot of people and I call this 18 year old to my house and she’s nice but I glitch so hard watching her hold my precious baby like this is a job for her!! Idk I take it so personal. I know every mom goes through this? Or is it just me? What do I do? What did you have to tell yourself? Cause idk pregnancy is easy, so does the birth. THIS IS HARDDDD
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Honestly, I’ve been a nanny for 7+ years and I’m still till this day in awe and grateful for the families that trust me with their lil ones. & now as a mother, even more so. I know it’s so hard to trust someone. Coming from both perspectives, I think you just really need to ask the right questions and make sure whoever you bring into your home is right fit for you. I take major pride in being able to help families the way I did/ do.

We originally were going to do daycare and then about a month before he was to start decided we couldn’t do it lol. I’m primarily remote but we obviously can’t have me watching the baby while working. We ultimately found a nanny to come 3x a week and then goes to each set of grandparents 1x a week. We interviewed the girl we got, then in person to see how she interacted with him and dogs, and then I had her spend a whole day with me while on leave so I could show her exactly how I like things done and his current routine. It gave some peace of mind by having her see how i like to feed him or put him down for nap etc. This has been her first week (it’s a hard week being back to work) but she’s been amazing. There are small things here and there but while I’m working I hear him having an absolute blast 😊 better than I could’ve imagined. It’s hard to not have control, but baby’s adjust and there’s more than one correct way to do things which I’m learning!

@Haven that’s the thing… I don’t like people and don’t trust anyone easily let alone my babe

@San then I think outside care isn’t for you (: Hopefully you find someone or a close family member that can help ease your worry!

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