Does parenting get easier

My son is 21 months. He is always whining and crying when he doesn’t get what he wants. When I finally get to sit down for a second after cleaning and cooking all evening he’s pulling my hand to try to go out side or go look in the panty for who knows what. I am just beyond exhausted all of the time. I know toddlers are hard and needy but I guess I’m so looking for any type of confirmation parenting does get easier?!??
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I don’t have any helpful information or insight but just came to say I could have written this—my son is 21 months and this is him. he’s also such a happy toddler when he’s not crying/whining but we’re going through this right now. YES finally sitting down and he’s pulling my hand to go into cupboards or outside! I can’t sit down until I “clock out” (bedtime). I think what helped me was thinking that the every day mundane same just-getting-by days—-those are his childhood. So I try and make it as fun and happy as possible and remind myself he’s little and learning everything, give him and myself a break. Take every day a little at a time. You’re doing great !!

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