Had my weekly appt today at 38+5. He did a cervical check and I’m 1cm dilated. He said he would like for me to go naturally but due to having GD he is giving me an induction date right at 40+1 or 40+2 (I’ll know after he speaks with induction coordinator in the morning). I’m kind of relieved but he said if I have to be inducted I’ll come in the night before to have cervidil inserted to ripen my cervix. Has anyone had this? What should I expect? Anything I can be doing now?
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I’m actually at the hospital now and I was induced with cervidil

@Joneisha hope everything goes good! Let me know how it is!

@Brooke it’s been about 30 minutes and I’ve only had 1 contraction it works really fast

@Joneisha hope everything is still going good and baby is close to being here if not here already ❤️

@Brooke yes they gave me potocin once my cervix thinned out around 10am at 1pm my water broke I’m in active labor baby should be here soon

@Joneisha good luck mama! Glad it’s moving fast for you!

@Joneisha Congrats! Hope you and baby are doing the best! 🩵

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