Magnesium and passionflower tablets

Anyone used magnesium and passionflower or only magnesium tablets to improve their sleep? I have read passionflower can't be used during breastfeeding but just wandering what's the experience of other mum's out there🫶 I struggle falling back asleep after bub had his midnight feed. Sometimes im up for 4 hours in the night for no reason at all😬
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Hi! Can’t speak from experience but my professional background is a community pharmacist. Many of the clinical resources don’t recommend the use to passionflower in pregnancy, when trying to conceive or breastfeeding as there is insufficient evidence to support its safety. It is believed to have some effect on the uterus and promote contractions, which could result in premature labour. There is also belief it passes through breastmilk to baby. If you’d like to use passionflower speak to your healthcare provider overseeing your pregnancy first. Magnesium is often during BF due to muscle cramps, anxiety or tension, poor sleep, or restless leg syndrome. I *think* the recommended dose is 350mg of magnesium during breastfeeding and this dose is known not to cause any harm to mum or baby.

However, once again I’d recommend you speak to your healthcare provider on this. Higher doses may affect bubby, the biggest sign of it being passed through the milk is the baby experiencing diarrhoea.There are many sleep options on the market, it’s about finding the right fit for you and your pregnancy. Good luck.

Thankyou! It's the breastfeeding part I'm concerned about, my little one is 10 weeks and fully breastfed :) This is really helpful though and I will speak with a healthcare provider 😊

So not breastfeeding BUT. Had the exact same insomnia issue last week. After the late night wake up feed, just couldn't fall back asleep. I've been using Blackmores magnesium sleep sound powder and it's magic. Highly recommended it. But 100% look into what you can and can't take if breastfeeding hun because there's all different ones. This one has hops in it and I feel it works better with it.xx

I used magnesium and it was great! It helped with my leg cramps massively x


I have been taking magnesium since a long time ago because I had restless leg syndrome, I also have melatonin and I sleep great! Bub is 8 months atm currently breastfeeding as well.

Passionflower definitely can’t be used while pregnant. limited safety data exists for breastfeeding but seeing as you can’t take passionflower for longer than 2 months at a time anyway many people believe it’s safe enough and has good anecdotal evidence for being successful. I’d say it’s really up to your discretion whether or not you’re prepared to try it. I personally have added passionflower to tea on nights I’ve really struggled to sleep or have struggled with anxiety but wouldn’t feel comfortable using it every day Magnesium on the other hand is not only safe but incredibly important, in all honesty just about every pregnant/ post partum woman should be taking a magnesium so definitely give that a go! Only around 3-5% is absorbed through the gut so make sure you’ve got a strong supplement, or try magnesium oil spray instead, we absorb way better through the skin

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