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So my partners sister never ever bothers seeing my little one anymore when he was younger she was over constant! but every thing was last minute , I explained I have no issues with people over but coming over last minute is difficult for me and need more notice , I asked why she never sees us anymore and i got the reply with “ well you told me not to see you last minute so I’m limited” I get everyone is busy but this really annoyed me ! So it’s when it suits her !? Am I in the wrong !? What are your thoughts on this!!
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You’re not wrong at all, it’s not too much to ask for a little bit of notice. Unless this woman is the queen she surely doesn’t have such a packed schedule that she can ask a few days in advance when she can come and see you. She’s being difficult & then blaming you for it. Don’t feel bad about it at all, you’re 100% not wrong x

Immaturity is showing from her

@Holly this is exactly it ! It’s ok I know my place with her now though! Very immature! She’s missing out xxx

May I ask how old is she? She seems quite immature indeed. I would love my son to have a relationship with his only aunty (my husbands sister as I have no siblings) but she is far away and struggle with mental health unfortunately. You do your part as aunties are important and if its beneficial for your lo (if he enjoys seeing her etc), I would text her when she can come over, when you have the time for her etc. Its up to her then.

@Lucy she a full grown adult! just thought that Response was very immature basically a “it’s my way or no way “ sort of thing she’s only up the road ! Xx

Thats a shame! I hope she will realise she is mistaking and will appreciate having family so close its a blessing. She might understand when she will have her own kids, who knows.

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