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What did you do yo get your tummy flat again? I'm 6 weeks postpartum but developing a pouch right above my wound and rest of my belly is still significantly large from pregnancy... anyone with advice on how to get cesarean stomach back in shape? Much appreciated!
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A lot of the pouch will go down over time naturally. Internal organs are still finding their places again and your body is just starting to lower blood volume and water retention at 6 weeks. Some of that is just time. Depending on how you heal, some amount of tummy is inevitable, as the scar shelf and stretched muscles will just be a different shape than they were before, but you can do sit ups and twists etc to help strengthen those tummy core muscles, but absolutely do not start too early, you could just exacerbate scarring and guarantee things don't heal right. And how soon is too soon really depends on you and how you are healing. I know I wouldn't have been ready to even start trying till 4 months because I still hurt trying to sit up from a laying position using just my abs at that point. I have a tummy, always have, likely always will, but I have been debating starting some core work outs to at least to get tummy from saggy to normal tummy cuz the ponch is kinda driving me crazy tbh.

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