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My little girl will not nap unless she is being held, as soon you put her down you could almost start a clock as to how long it will be till she wakes up. She sleeps so well independently at night but I need tips on how to get her to sleep independently during the day. Yesterday I had a migraine and I was on my own with her I don't know how many times I tried to put her down but each time 10 minutes later she was awake and crying
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Was going through the same thing yesterday migraines are the worst. I find normally he sleeps better out down if he falls asleep that way rather than being transferred but he was having none of it yesterday. If he's happy and awake I just let him lie in his next to me so I can rest at least when they get really bad

My daughter used to be the same. We bought a swing for her to sleep in and that worked and then eventually we weaned her off of it by rocking her to sleep and then putting her in the crib, and then we just started randomly putting her in the crib awake and she puts herself to sleep.

I wouldn’t expect this till they are a bit older tbh. At 2 months they need lots of cuddles and a bit of help sleeping

My little girl is the exact same, I don’t have any tips or advice but know you’re not alone ❤️ it’s exhausting 😂

I suffer hemiplegic migraines, I think it’s easier when she sleeps in bed with me , rather than in her crib, because she will sleep longer. She’s really good at independently sleeping tho. Last couple days she’s been not so good, but that’s due to teething x

My daughter was like this until at least 3-4 months. It was very hard and exhausting, no tips other than to say it does get easier, keep persisting and she’ll eventually figure it out. If I was really exhausted I used to lay down in my bed with her and we’d nap together. (Just look up some safe co sleeping info)

My 3 month old only just started taking successful independent naps - but we introduced it once a day a couple weeks ago. Follow similar to bedtime routine (swaddle, white noise, rocking). Started 10 min and now she naps anywhere from 40-60 minutes depending what she needs. Just keep with it and like I said aim for one a day and then can increase once she gets better!

My little boy exclusively contact napped for just over 3 months, when he randomly decided he was suddenly ok to pram nap, cot naps came later. My guess is it will happen with time. You got this amazing mama 🙏 Agree with the safe sleep, co sleeping nap when you need a break!

My baby girl is 5 months old and we’re going through the exact same x

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