Anyone’s baby (teeth or no teeth) biting their nipple while breastfeeding?

For the nursing mamas, is anyone’s baby gnawing on their nipples? If so, has it changed your mind about breastfeeding or will you continue to do so despite the baby abuse?😂 (for reference I intend to breastfeed until 1 year but him biting my nipple might change that haha I don’t want to be my sons chew toy)
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Yes my baby is 5 months with no teeth but she does bite down HARD. I just say ow very loudly and pull her away and start to burp her. Which makes her frustrated cause she is still hungry and then after like 1 min I put her back on. She has completely stopped biting so far. I think you just have to show them it hurts and you’ll take it away.

@Corrina yeah my son thinks it’s funny when I say ow that’s gonna be hard because he continues to do it but I do take the boob away when he bites.

@Corrina our son did the same thing a few times. I just say ow very dramatic and pull him off talking to him in a stern but gentle voice saying biting mommy is not okay. He stops for a bit then after a week or two he'll do it again and I have to remind him it's not okay. Babies are very smart. You just have to be clear and consistent.

My baby will sometimes smile or giggle when I say ow if he bites me. The thing that helped, at least for a bit, was me getting up and walking away from him. But this was because he really did hurt me bad and I got mad and knew I needed to walk away. After that he didn't bite me for weeks. He was biting a bit yesterday again and I'm not sure why. I just unlatch and walk away for a minute or so. My baby has his 2 bottom teeth so I have been watching to see his cues for him wanting to chew rather than nurse so I can give him a toy rather than my nipple to chew on. I have definitely questioned if I could continue or not. Especially after the really hard bites. I'm hoping to make it to a year also. So hopefully little man will learn soon not to bite so we can keep on breastfeeding.

Just be consistent about taking it away when he bites. If it becomes too much though don't feel bad if you have to quit! You can always pump til he's 1?

@Arianna Preciado yes I do the same vocalize to him that biting is not nice. I know he’s self aware and I think he hears me. When he sits up in his crib and I ask him to lay down he does so I’m sure he hears what I’m saying👍🏾

@Summer thank you for that! Yes my goal regardless is to make it to a year of breastfeeding but sometimes I do question like how will I continue if he keeps biting. It doesn’t happen often enough but when it does it’s like a shock and painful so it’s like ouch idk if I can keep up with this but also my other half is telling me look how fast 6 months came it’s only 6 more months so I’m going to try my best to power through and keep vocalizing to him that biting hurts mommy

@Natha thank you! I def thought about quitting but I’m so committed to breastfeeding till he’s a year that I’m going to just power through. No pain no gain🤣 I love my son dearly so I just tell him that biting hurts mommy and I think he understands because he’s very attentive when I vocalize saying ow and saying how it hurts me.

Mine LOVES to bite. But he won't take a bottle !!

Yes it happens. They’ll get you a few time pretty good but it’s usually not an issue. Just watch them bc they do it when they’re foolin around. They can’t bite when they’re sucking.

Just recently started and it's hard because she'll only nurse at night as is

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