Am I weird for not enjoying sex ever ?? Like I don’t feel like it’s my husband fault because I’ve never enjoyed it and maybe it’s because when I was 13 I was assaulted but idk I only have sex to make him happy but I still just don’t enjoy it at all Idk how to
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Try getting a vibrator and feeling what gives you pleasure. Have you ever had an orgasm before?

This is the same for me. I’ll do it for my husband but I’ve never actually wanted it. I was also sexual assaulted, not sure if that has an effect on it for me or not

@Monique Jose Duvall yes only from vibrators though

@Emma I was starting to think I was the only one I kinda felt not normal for it

Is there foreplay involved or is it straight to the deed? Are you able to communicate this with him? Is there anything you want to try in bed? Any fantasies you have or role play? Communicate to him what turns you on and what doesn't

I was like that when I was with my ex husband of 15 years. My current husband I can't get enough of in every way. He never allows me to not finish, he would feel horrible if he was the only one who had an orgasm. He is also super sexy and cares about pleasing me. He is really good at non sexual physical touch too so maybe that helps me to feel closer to him and more in the mood

I was never SA'd (I'm sorry to hear that you and others have been) but I feel the same way about sex. I've tried to enjoy it but I can't I like self pleasure but only for help sleeping or when I feel the need for a quick orgasm. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ll be honest I struggled to enjoy sex like AT ALL with my ex but now with my boyfriend it’s so amazing but I think it’s because we’re entirely into the same things. But! I also make sure I’m having that time to myself too because sometimes sex just isn’t what I want but I want that time with myself, ya know? I don’t think it’s weird for not wanting sex at all, some people just don’t find the pleasure in it the same way others do ☺️

Have you let your husband see you use your vibrator or tried taking it into the bedroom with you?

Use your toys during sex. If that doesn’t help get sex therapist

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