What’s the best shampoo for cradle cap that I can buy in Canada?

It seems like most of the good stuff , as usual, is not available in Canada. What can I use?
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We had success with g&h baby shampoo and the scalp tonic and then the little comb thingy I think it was Fridamom my daughters was quite thin and flaky but her twin brothers was quite thick and sticky. the head products we actually contract with the company so if you want I can help you get them, but I’ve also heard people have success with just the comb 🤷🏻‍♀️

I just use normal baby shampoo but I bought this comb “Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb” and omg it worked wonders!!! The cradle cap cleared up in 3 days!! I was amazed!! At first I was like I’ll just let it do its course but after a few months it was still there and so I bought this comb and wow! I wished I bought it sooner and wasn’t so scared to use it because now my babies hair and scalp are so soft!

Honestly, for cradle cap, I used coconut oil twice with a scalp massager, and the cradle cap disappeared! Good luck with everything!

if you can, breastmilk cleared our girl’s up right away - it was just a mild case of cradle cap however, but worth a try!

I just used dentinox from amazon and it worked amazing! I tried regular oils and that a few times but my baby has pretty long hair so it is super hard to get in there with the brush on the scalp after and it wasn’t coming off as easy with the oil as this shampoo at all. I just used my fingers to lightly massage her head on the cradle cap spots after the shampoo and it would come off so easy. After only a few times it was completely gone.

@Kalla My LO also has lots of hair and we haven’t cut it since birth. He’s 4 months old. So they just fall off? Do I need to brush the hair after?

@Mika ♡ I used coconut oil on my kids head as well. Would also recommend this!

When my son had cradle cap I used the fida baby oh crap cradle cap bundle (got it on Amazon) I don’t know if they have it in Canada I’m in Michigan I had to use it for a few weeks (not every day but like a few times a week) and then I’d put coconut oil in my sons hair after now his cradle cap is gon and hasn’t come back

gently rub there head with baby oil and then use a curved lice comb to gently remove the cradle cap, only thing i’ve ever found to work with both my kids!

I used white petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and rubbed it into the cradle cap with a q-tip. Let it sit for a few minutes, then gently used a fine tooth comb and it lifts all the flakes out.

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