When I go to burp my baby whilst feeding her, she SCREAMS when I take the bottle away from her and is so wriggly to the point where I have no choice but to continue giving her the milk as she physically won’t allow me to burp her. I have tried giving her her dummy (which worked for a while) but she has became hysterical again. Has anyone experienced the same? If so how did you overcome this? 💗
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Sadly no solution here, we just accept that she's going to scream and wriggle because she wants back to her food. But if we don't do it she will 100% throw up... Sometimes you can distract them before trying to burp, hold them in front of you and make some silly faces to combat the crying and then burp, works about 50% of the time 😅

I never burped my baby halfway through a feed & he was always fine. Maybe try that? X

Omg yes ours did this! Was a nightmare! We tried sitting them upright whilst feeding and then afterwards and usually they were able to burb straight away with no intervention. But it's so hard isn't it! It gets better if that helps lol x

Thank you everyone 🙏🏽🥰

My son used to do the same so we stopped burping and allowed him to feed until he needed to burp. If that’s not an option for you she may have gas in her upper chest try sitting her upright on your thigh and gently pressing her spine to extend or tapping her back in a rhythm the lower back twice, middle back twice and the upper back twice the rhythmic movement relaxes and helps them get the gas for the upper and lower back out.

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